31 October 2008

Loco Roco

yap..currently addicted to psp game call Loco Roco...
yes,yao yao is crazy abt it.
maybe u will ask,anything so interesting untill yao yao dun1 do her revision instead her final exam around the corner..
Omg...dun mention abt final exam..near now,,,tat is 6 of nov my first paper...arghh....

hey..relax n relax...dun wory..4gt it first..let me intoduce tis game to u guys..since u all i noe also same v me...tension becoz of final exam...hem...right now is d relax time..

let me tell d story of Loco-Roco

A long, long way away.
crimd over d moutain everest, crossed d sea,past d moon,,jump over d sun,
n further than d very best telescope could see.
and an extract planet, tis planet was very much alive
covered with greenery and home to many exotic species creatures,
including d ever-cheerful loco Roco.

the loco roco lived in harmony, n helping to look after d planet.
n making pleasant place to be.
they everyday singing,n playing.
fun,laugh and happiness would go on 4ver.

that was untill the day Mojatroop(evil) came down from d star to take over tis planet
thre was everthing's going wrong.

ehm..loco-roco dunno how to deal v d devil from outer space..
there is only 1 thing 4 it..
u control d planet,,rescue the loco roco..

.....finish story...

when im moody,and down.i will try to play tis game.listen to it song.
i like all the gallery
wat a peaceful n harmony world.
no wall.no jealous.no sadness.
frenship 4ever

oh..for ur information.tat was different color of loco-roco
i like all of them..yeah..

here is yellow loco roco

i like it becoz of game's song..when u listen to it,,u ll feel relax n suddelny feel happy.
never bluffing...try now...lets enjoy d game...yo...get 1 PSP

to listen game'song
view tis:

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